Challenges of Selling the Matrimonial Home

selling matrimonial home

When a couple separates, one of the first matters to attend to is listing the matrimonial home for sale. If neither party wants to stay in the home (or neither can afford to retain it), then it may be the case that both individuals are equally motivated to sell. While they will likely not agree…

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3 guardians allowed on B.C. birth certificate

The first child to have 3 parents listed on their birth certificate in Canada is in the province of British Columbia. Under the new Family Law Act which was passed in 2013, a child can have up to 4 legal guardians listed on their birth certificate. In this recent case reported in the National Post,…

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New documentary on divorce industry

There’s a new film coming out on January 10th narrated by Dr. Drew Pinsky (of ‘Celebrity Rehab’ fame) critiquing the the dysfunctional divorce industry in the U.S. The movie, ‘Divorce Corp.’, explores the divorce industry- from what it costs to retain a lawyer, to the length of time it takes to get a divorce, and…

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