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Archive for October 2014

Why hire a lawyer to draft a separation agreement?

I hear this question a lot: If I already have an agreement in principle with my ex, why should I go to the expense and bother of hiring a lawyer to prepare a formal separation agreement? The simple answer is that hiring a lawyer is the best way to make sure that your ex cannot…

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B.C. court fees deemed unconstitutional

The Supreme Court has concluded that the administrative fees charged to litigants in order to access the B.C. supreme court are unconstitutional. In the B.C., if your case goes to trial, whether it’s a family matter or a civil matter, you are charged for every day of court time that is required. In the case…

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Final orders at case conference

One of the important first steps in any family law proceeding is the initial case conference. The purpose of a case conference is to allow the parties and their lawyers to appear before a judge in order to discuss where the case is at, and see if there are any opportunities for settlement. Although the…

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