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Archive for February 2015

Common law spouse entitled to share of estate

A Divisional Court case from earlier this year considered whether a common law spouse can be considered a dependent entitled to support under the Succession Law Reform Act. A common law spouse doesn’t have the same property rights as a married spouse. In Ontario, when a married individual dies, their spouse has the right to…

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How much should kids contribute towards education costs?

The Child Support Guidelines require a payor parent to pay his or her proportionate share of extraordinary expenses. One of these expenses is postsecondary education. The guidelines also require that the court consider the means of the child to contribute towards the costs of his or her education, as well as the reasonable expectations of…

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Tips & Tricks- dealing with the Family Responsibility Office

Many family law clients and lawyers bemoan the lack of assistance provided by FRO in enforcing support orders. As a recipient of support, what can you do to help yourself and assist the process? Delays There are significant delays between the time an order is issued and when FRO actually receives the order to start…

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