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Archive for July 2016

How long can you delay in bringing foward a family law claim?

In Ontario, for most civil claims, you have two years after discovering the cause of action (or 2 years from the date when you should have discovered the cause of action) in which to initiate court proceedings. In family law, you can make a claim for the equalization of net family property up to 2…

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Voluntary vs. involuntary retirement

Depending on the respective ages of yourself and your spouse when you separate, it’s wise for a payor of spousal support to consider including a provision in a separation agreement that allows him or her to retire at a certain age, particularly if they plan on taking early retirement, or retiring as soon as they…

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It’s Time for Justice

Andrew Feldstein is a Toronto family law lawyer who is helping increase awareness about the availability of unbundled legal services to assist self-represented litigants. In the latest instalment of his “It’s Time for Justice” series, he discusses the problem faced by many litigants in family court who would prefer to hire a lawyer, but can’t…

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