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Archive for April 2017

Power of sale, the matrimonial home, and the untitled spouse

Sometimes, when couples separate, one spouse stays in the matrimonial home for years following the separation, even when they are not on the title to the house. While it’s not unusual for one spouse to hold the title to the house in their name as sole owner, if you are planning on living at the…

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Spousal support calculator

If you’re looking for a rough idea of how much you might be entitled to in spousal support (based on your respective incomes, and length of marriage), there’s a free online tool that can help. My Support Calculator is a scaled down version of the software that lawyers in Ontario use to calculate spousal support,…

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Is unbundled service right for you?

Many clients don’t know that they have the option of hiring a family lawyer on an unbundled basis rather than on a full retainer. “Unbundled service” can mean different things depending on the context. If you’re involved in litigation, it can mean hiring a lawyer to draft pleadings, for example, or hiring a lawyer to…

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