Province to increase court fees by 36%

The fees for family court will be increasing as of July 1st, 2016. Currently, there is a $157.00 fee to start an Application (whether for Divorce, or any other matter), and then another $280 fee to put the Application on a hearing list.

You can obtain fee waivers if your income falls below a certain level. Under the proposed court fee increase, people on legal aid, or, for example, a single person whose income falls below $24,480.00 would qualify for a fee waiver.

In addition to increasing existing fees by an average of 36%, there will be new fees levied in family court for support issues, and custody and access issues, although there are currently no specifics on what these new fees will be.

Under the proposed fee increase, the cost of obtaining an uncontested divorce will increase from a total of $447 to $608.