Real Estate Law

Here’s how I can help:

  • Even if you have a real estate agent, you may want a lawyer to review the Agreement of Purchase and Sale. Remember that if something is not included in the Agreement, it’s not part of the deal.
  • With the increase in popularity of private purchases and sales in Ottawa, you may not have a real estate agent at all. In this case, you’ll need a lawyer to represent you and draft the Agreement.
  • If you’re buying a condominium, I will review the financial status of the condominium before closing.
  • Title insurance has been around a while and most people are familiar with the basics of title insurance coverage. However, like most insurance, coverage offered by title insurance policies changes over time. You want your lawyer to be up-to-date on these changes.
  • There are special considerations to be aware of when buying an investment property or a commercial building.


Whether you’re buying your first home, or a commercial building, keep in mind that there are always situations where it is useful to have a lawyer negotiating on your behalf.

Why use me as your lawyer?

I'm a lawyer representing clients in Kanata, Nepean, and the west-end of Ottawa.