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Focusing in Family Law

I'm a lawyer representing clients in Kanata, Nepean, and the west-end of Ottawa.

Why Use Kerry As Your Lawyer?

After-hours appointments

Most people work during the week, so I offer clients the flexibility of Saturday and after-hours appointments.

Convenient Location

My office is located close to the Queensway in the Baseline/Woodroffe area of Nepean with plenty of free parking.

Flat fee pricing

On most real estate transactions, my prices are charged as flat fees.

Kerry Fox News

Voluntary vs. involuntary retirement

By Kerry Fox | July 13, 2016

Depending on the respective ages of yourself and your spouse when you separate, it’s wise for a payor of spousal support to consider including a provision in a separation agreement that allows him or her to retire at a certain age, particularly if they plan on taking early retirement, or retiring as soon as they…

It’s Time for Justice

By Kerry Fox | July 5, 2016

Andrew Feldstein is a Toronto family law lawyer who is helping increase awareness about the availability of unbundled legal services to assist self-represented litigants. In the latest instalment of his “It’s Time for Justice” series, he discusses the problem faced by many litigants in family court who would prefer to hire a lawyer, but can’t…

Notice of administrative dismissal

By Kerry Fox | June 29, 2016

Parties who start an action in family court have a certain period of time within which to have their matter set down for trial. One year after the case was started, the court will send out a notice of approaching administrative dismissal to either yourself, if you are self represented, or your lawyer. It’s not…

Benefits of Joint Applications for divorce

By Kerry Fox | June 26, 2016

Under the Family Law Rules, when applying for an uncontested divorce, you have the option of starting the Application and then serving it on the responding party, or else cooperating with your spouse and filing the Application, jointly, as co-applicants. The primary benefit of a joint application is that it doesn’t need to be filed…

Can you benefit by not providing proper financial disclosure?

By Kerry Fox | June 22, 2016

According to the Court of Appeal in Gray v. Rizzi, the answer to the above question is ‘no’. In this case, a final order from 2005 awarded significant child and spousal support to the wife even though the husband, who was self-employed, had never made proper financial disclosure to the wife. Had he made the…

Private case management in family law

By Kerry Fox | June 14, 2016

In 2015, a Toronto lawyer launched a private case management service for family law cases. Why would a litigant in family law consider such a service when there is already a version of case management in the court system? When parties are involved in court proceedings in Ontario, the process will include access to either…

Family Law

Separation Agreements

When people are contemplating divorce, the goal is to negotiate a mutually-acceptable separation agreement between spouses which addresses outstanding issues.

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Clients want to know how much a lawyer will cost. This depends on many factors, including the level of animosity that exists between the parties and/or the lawyers.

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Property Division

When married people separate, both spouses are entitled to an equalization of the net family property. Marriage is considered a financial partnership.

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Litigation is expensive, contentious and highly emotional. Litigation may be necessary if the alternative means that you don’t have any chance of getting what you’re entitled to.

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Child Support

Parents in Ontario have an obligation to financially support their children. The amount payable is determined in accordance with the federal Child Support Guidelines.

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Spousal Support

Spousal support, also known by the American term ‘alimony’, refers to ongoing maintenance given to a spouse which is either for an indefinite, or fixed, term.

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Unbundled Services

With the cost of legal services- particularly litigation- being so high, it’s not always possible to be able to afford full representation from a lawyer throughout your case.

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Child Custody

When people separate, it can be difficult to negotiate a workable custody and access schedule, particularly if both parties are not planning on residing in the same city.

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Uncontested Divorce

Divorce is usually the final step in the separation process. It happens after the separation agreement is negotiated and signed, or after a final order.

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Why use me as your lawyer?

I'm a lawyer representing clients in Kanata, Nepean, and the west-end of Ottawa.

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There is plenty of free parking located at the back of the building.

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