Online calculation service for child support introduced

The Ministry of the Attorney General has introduced a new online service for calculating, or recalculating, child support.

Amendments to family law legislation allow a government agency to offer calculations (or recalculations) of child support to reflect changes in the income of the payor. These calculations can be done for both the table amount of child support, and for special expenses such as daycare or recreational activities. Notices of calculation, or recalculation, are treated like court orders and can be enforced like court orders through the Family Responsibility Office.

Keep in mind that this is a calculation service only- it is not a dispute resolution mechanism, a way to compel a payor to pay child support, and it doesn’t offer legal advice. Noteably, the payor parent must consent to having the child support calculated in this way, and they must also consent to Canada Revenue Agency disclosing their income particulars to the calculation service.

The consensual aspect of the service limits its applicability to anyone other than parties who, while separated, are still reasonably amicable and cooperative. This service will assist people in simple, non-contentious situations. Where individuals earn income from self-employment, don’t file regular tax returns, or who won’t provide consent, the service can’t be used.

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