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Parenting coordinator fees

When parents have an acrimonious relationship post separation, a court can impose- or the parties can agree- that they will retain a parenting coordinator to mediate, govern and make ongoing decisions about co-parenting. While this seems like a reasonable choice to make when the alternative is to keep taking custody and access matters back in…

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Are self-represented litigants entitled to costs?

In theory, if a self-represented litigant is successful at a hearing, or a trial, they are entitled to pursue a claim for costs provided they can establish entitlement. The Family Law Rules provide that a successful party is entitled to their costs- albeit, most of the time, it refers to legal fees paid to a…

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Online calculation service for child support introduced

The Ministry of the Attorney General has introduced a new online service for calculating, or recalculating, child support. Amendments to family law legislation allow a government agency to offer calculations (or recalculations) of child support to reflect changes in the income of the payor. These calculations can be done for both the table amount of…

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When can you deduct legal fees from your taxes?

When evaluating the deductibility of costs related to obtaining spousal or child support payments, CRA used to distinguish between costs related to “establishing a right” vs. costs related to enforcing a “pre-existing right”. Child support was always considered a pre-existing right of the child, based on the requirement contained in provincial and federal legislation that…

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Landing on your feet… there is life after divorce!

A free interactive workshop for women hosted by improv comedian, Mary Harvey. Get your practical questions answered by divorce professionals and still have a laugh. If you are a woman in the midst of divorce proceedings, contemplating divorce, or recently out of a divorce- this workshop is designed for you. Thursday, February 27th, 2014, 5:30-7:00…

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